Just Beet It on Michigan Roads this Winter – Screamin Scott

15 Dec 2022 7:05 AM | Smart About Salt (Administrator)

Just Beet It on Michigan Roads this Winter - Screamin Scott (wrif.com)

The Michigan Department of Transportation is cutting back on road salt. The solution: beet juice.

Officials say using beet juice instead of salt helps maintain the ecosystem, and protects the infrastructure while treating the roads. Just Beet-it , Beet-it. But ask yourself Beets? I didn’t like them as a kid. My dog got healthy eating my beets instead of me. Would this work on a Michigan Winter?

What science is telling us is a mixture of beet juice and salt helps the roads and works in colder temperatures when it reaches 5 above degrees. No, it doesn’t help lower your blood pressure but when you think of it. If the roads are better that would lower my blood pressure.  So no worries we are not getting rid of salt. We live on top of one of the largest salt deposits in the world. Using less salt will also help our roads, bridges, and cars last longer. They have tried this for years in Canada with great success and it’s cost-effective.  Still won’t be eating many beets in the future but will give it a try on the roads. Hope it doesn’t stain the roads or cars.

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